"You Are About To See How This NEW AI-Powered Lead Generation Tool Can Get You 300+ Hyper-Targeted Leads In Under 30 Days For Less Than $1.00 Each!"

How 1 AI Tool Can Hyper-Target Perfect Leads & Create Authentic, Effective Conversion-Driven Outreach

Without The Need For Facebook, Instagram, Google Or YouTube!

In This Demo, You’ll See How This NEW AI-Powered Tool:

  • Scours & Mines For Lead Information In Minutes With Total Precision (Including Social Media Profiles, Contact Information, Company Details, Etc.)

  • Uses Hyper-Focused Targeting & Dialed In Searches To Identify 100% Perfect Leads Down To The Finest Details (I.e Industry, Business, Position, Interests.)

  • Gains Total Context & Understanding Of Your Lead’s Current Setup Before You Initiate Contact (Programs They Use, Ads They’re Running, Etc.)

  • Crafts Personalized Outreach Messages For You To Surgically Connect With Leads 100x More Effectively Than Traditional Cold “Spammy” Outreach & Build Real Authentic Relationships.

  • Allows Any Business To Scale At A Rapid Pace By Penetrating More Markets, With More Laser Focus & Eliminating Fear Of Failure OR Lack Of Knowledge.

  • Is The Ultimate Equalizer Requiring ZERO Technical Skills - Say Goodbye to Complicated Algorithms & Ads, If You Can Do A Google Search, You Can Use This Tool.

Plus So Much More!

A Personal Message From The Creator Of The Lead Gen Sales System AI Tool, Andrew Cass...

my name is Andrew Cass..

I'm best-selling author of the book Sales Velocity, co-host of Sales Velocity TV & Radio and the Founder & CEO of PipelinePRO a global leader in the sales and marketing CRM software space...

With over two-decades of real-world, boots-on-ground sales experience, I’ve never seen anything as industry-altering and as powerful as this piece of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lead Generation technology I am about to show you...

Ever since AI burst on the scene, I’ve been determined to stay ahead of the curve, embrace the potential, and use it as a tool to grow and scale our companies. All of our research, testing, and pushing AI to its limits has resulted in the creation of THIS Lead Gen AI Sales System...

Nothing like this exists in the marketplace today.

As you're about to see, this is the most powerful lead generation too ANY business owner can deploy to to get hyper-targeted leads fast, build a database of prospects, and dramatically increase your closing ratio. And the best part, it is THE ultimate equalizer for business owners and entrepreneurs who are fed up with the high cost and sophistication of Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube ads...

But don't take my word for it. Watch the power, precision, and potential of this AI-powered tool in action yourself in our FREE 25-minute demo here at this page. And just for signing in to watch it, I will email you a FREE digital copy of my book, Sales Velocity, a perfect companion to the Lead Gen AI Sales System.

See you inside!


"I love this lead gen AI system!"

"I signed up for the free trial, I did my first search and download of leads, sent out a few emails, and I got so much response! I was like, oh my God, really!? Wow. So This works. I love this lead gen AI system!"

Leslie Cole

"13 sales in 24 hours!"

"If I was going to create a YouTube video about my experience signing up with this awesome system, it would be called, "How I made 13 sales in 24 hours using ONLY organic traffic"! Great job guys! You are changing the marketplace with this product and helping so many struggling agencies scale their businesses."

Bridget Bartlett - Vision Marketing

See How The Lead Gen AI Sales System Can Make Your Lead Generation Easier, Faster, And More Effective In A Few Clicks:

Lead Generation & Prospecting Software To Help Scale Your Business…

The Lead Gen AI Sales System is the ultimate prospecting and lead generation tool giving you the power to search, connect, and close so that you can spend less time building lists and more time selling. Combining several key functions that help you prospect more effectively, it has the real-time data you need in order to connect with decision-makers.

Search Engine

Exclusive access to real-time and verified contact information that helps professionals connect with decision-makers.

Key benefits:

  • Verified emails

  • Verified phone numbers

  • Real-time data

  • And more...

AI Writing System

Powerful writing system that helps sales professionals gain key insights with company summaries, craft email opening subject lines, and ice-breaker intros.

Key benefits:

  • Company summaries

  • Email subject lines

  • Intros

  • And more...

Analytics Audit

Instantly know which website analytics your ideal prospect has integrated as well as what platform their website is built on.

Key benefits:

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Pixel

  • And more...

Social Media Profiles

Connect with your ideal prospects where they spend time - social media. Know which channels they are on with every search.

Key benefits:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • TikTok

  • And more...

Data Enrichment

Set your data enrichment on autopilot using your website's forms to send data or upload an old lead list to Comet Suite for enrichment.

Key benefits:

  • Website URLs

  • Form fills

  • Bring old data to life

  • And more...

See How The Lead Gen AI Sales System Can Make Your Lead Generation Easier, Faster, And More Effective In A Few Clicks:

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